Delphine Dubuis

Oenologist artist
She loves blue as she loves life because yes it’s complicated, but what a shame that you can’t do everything you’d like and not in another world or one beyond that. Delphine sees herself as an art historian, she takes care of gorillas and bonobos in Rwanda and of course there’s a Dali hanging over her bed.
But the truth is her real life is pretty full, she makes wine, she makes wine really well and she’s in love with the red Humagne even if normally, she answers Pinot Noir when asked about her favorite variety, not for now, for now Humagne is her thing, she likes its slightly animal side, the fact that it can’t be tamed all that easily. In fact she’s rather like that herself, but once you’ve broken the ice you can’t help but like it—Humagne, that is, but Delphine as well.

If it were possible, she would like to have dinner with herself and maybe talk over her asocial streak that she’d like to get under control, but after all not really and if there were a way she would want to meet Edith Piaf, such an inspiration and yet not really such a rosy life after all.
Delphine loves Zurich, its HER city, it’s also the place she would go if suddenly someone gave her a free day, to go to the Zoo or rather to see it again and to have a drink at her favourite bar, El Grande, while watching the Limmat.

She would like to see Iceland and she thinks the word magnifique is magnifique, but affriolant no, not a word that charms her ear. She likes dahlias, and she plants new ones every year in front of her chalet in Anzère even if they usually succumb to the inclement caprices of the climate. Yes indeed, Delphine is one hard-headed woman not just with the dahlias but with life in general, she’s demanding, she works hard, she gives her all, a bit of a worrier—but never afraid.

And where does wine fit in? Wine is the marc still warm from the pressing, it’s the lees at the bottom of a vat, smells that call you to exotic places and raise memories of an open-air market. Its an inspiration, the joy of watching the grapes come in, of tasting them and imagining what sort of wine they’ll become, seeing its path take shape through your intuition.

Now and then she allows herself a break with a cigar, a glass of red wine or a shot of gin. If you ask her where she would most like to be in the wink of eye she’ll show you a delightful spot near her house with a magnificent stand of larches and a rolling meadow with wonderful memories, a sweetness in the atmosphere, tranquillity and a full dose of nature.

Our Winery

6 hectares of vineyards situated between Randogne and Chalais where the Pinot Noir benefits from this left bank of the Rhone, less baked in the sun. This allows it to ripen more slowly, which favours the development of a noble wine with a character both pronounced and refined.

In addition we tend a number of choice parcels with excellent exposure at Saint Léonard, Savièse and Vétroz.

Historically, the majority of the vineyards were planted with Pinot and this remains our trademark wine. More recently, Humange Rouge, Fendant, Heida, Syrah and Cornalin have established themselves in the climatic conditions and the soils that suit them best.

Our vineyards have been classified as Organic since 2016 and are regularly renewed. The vines have an average age of twenty-one years and are lovingly cared for by Béatrice Dupuis.